A new use for Botox?

First reported in Singapore, then confirmed by a number of studies elsewhere, the popular cosmetic drug, Botox, has another novel use.botox

For sufferers of chronic plantar fasciitis, it appears to not only relieve pain but actually reduces the thickness of the plantar fascia, as measured by diagnostic ultrasound.

I found out about this from a physician in our community who wanted me to try the treatment for his chronic plantar fasciitis.  Using our standard ultrasound-ultrasound-guided-plantar-fascia-injectionguided technique, I did so.  Not only have his symptoms resolved, the serial measurement of plantar fascial thickness has shown improvement as well.

Botox is also being studied as a symptomatic treatment for knee osteoarthritis.

It apparently has an effect on nocioceptive receptors (pain receptors.)

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