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Vitamin D- The antidote for aches and pains from breast cancer treatment?

Kate O’Rourke writing in Pain Medicine News  reported on a study presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology.  Researchers stated, “High-dose vitamin D is effective at combating joint pain, a common side effect of aromatase pink-ribbon-breast-cancer-awarenesstherapy used to treat breast cancer.

The lead researcher Dr. Qamat Khan at the University of Kansas Medical Center stated, “50% of breast cancer patients taking aromatase inhibitors report musculoskeletal pain.”arimidex

While the exact mechanism remains unknown, ” estrogen deprivation may play a role.”

In addition to pain relief, patients also reported an improvement in fatigue with the vitamin D therapy.vitamin-d-capsules

This news is important since so many patients suffer from this syndrome.

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