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Nanoparticles cause rheumatoid arthritis?

In Medical News Today, an article appearing in the journal Nanomedicine was highlighted.  Researchers have found an association between exposure to nanoparticles and rheumatoid arthritis.
Findings from the study, conducted by researchers at Trinity College Dublin, indicate that there are health implications for the manufacture, utilization, and disposal of nanotechnology materials.

Cigarette smoke,  carbon particles emitted by automobile exhaust, and  dust are all risk factors which cause chronic inflammation of the lungs. In addition, researchers have also established an association between smoking and rheumatoid arthritis.

In this study, the authors identified similar risks cause by nanotechnology products, which may produce new types of airborne pollutants that can impact global health if not handled appropriately.nanoparticles

The nanomaterials involved included, carbon nanotubes, ultrafine carbon black, and silicon dioxide particles of different sizes, ranging from 20 to 400 nanometers.

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