Gout… a deadly disease!

gout_0Gout is a disease due to the abnormal metabolism governing the conversion of purines to uric acid.  Essentially, uric acid excretion (getting rid of uric acid) can’t keep pace with production.

This condition is reaching epidemic proportions due to the  increasing incidence obese-manof obesity as well as the ever-rising consumption of high-fructose containing beverages.

Gout is not a benign disease because it is part of the “metabolic syndrome.”  This is a collection of medical conditions – called diabetes“co-morbidities”- that seem to cluster around gout.high-blood-pressure

They include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, elevated blood high-cholesterollipids, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and strokeheart-attackkidney disease.

Treatment of gout is not an option.  It is mandatory!

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