OA caused by defective pieces of DNA

Sophie Borland writing in the Daily Mail (and also reported in the BBC News) reported a breakthrough by British scientists that could lead to new treatments for osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis.osteoarthritis-knee-2

Researchers have discovered eight sections of DNA that are responsible for dnacausing this degenerative condition that causes cartilage to wear away prematurely. After comparing “the DNA of 7,400 UK osteoarthritis patients with that of 11,000 healthy volunteers,” then repeating their work in some 7,500 osteoarthritis patients and 43,000 people without the condition, researchers “confirmed the three previously reported gene variants and found a further eight linked to osteoarthritis.”

The team at Newcastle University found the common genes each increase the risk by between 11 per cent and 20 per cent,

Also, they think that at least two or three of these so-called ‘genetic regions’ could be used to treat the illness.

The research could lead to new treatment for thousands of arthritis sufferers

The scientists from the University of Newcastle believe that in future they could alter patients’ genes to make them produce stronger cartilage, helping to repair the damaged joints.

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