Pain the cause of memory problems in fibromyalgia?

A Korean study (Seo J, et al) indicated that pain may be the reason for the memory issues that occur in patients with fibromyalgia.

memory-problemsForty-one women were enrolled in the study — 19 with fibromyalgia (FM) and 22 healthy participants. The mean ages of the patients were 38.73 years and 38.27 years, respectively. The control group included volunteers who were screened for chronic widespread pain, generalized weakness, sleep disturbance and specific tender points.

The patients with FM displayed inferior mean performance compared with controls with specific memory based tests.

“… FM patients showed reduced activation in several brain regions which may be associated with impairments in maintenance and manipulation of working memory,” the researchers said. “The working memory deficit found in FM patients may be attributable to differences in neural activation of the frontoparietal memory network and may result from both pain itself and depression and anxiety associated with pain.”

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