Prevention is the best treatment for osteoarthritis?

A work group called the Osteoarthritis Management Initiative (COAMI) met in 2012 to discuss osteoarthritis management and what could be improved.  The thrust of the meeting was aimed at developing new strategies for prevention of the disease.osteoarthritis-knee-2

Risk factors for osteoarthritis include obesity, aging, genetics, family history, major injury or surgery to the joint, and misalignment of the joint.

According to Dr. Rowland Chang, professor of medicine at the Northwestern University School of Medicine, rheumatology is where cardiology was in the 1950′s.  More attention should be placed on disease prevention.  That includes lifestyle changes. He states, “If we could wipe out obesity, … we might be able to prevent about one-third of all the knee osteoarthritis we have in the world.”

My comment is this: It’s an admirable undertaking but making people change their lifestyle is going to be difficult.  However, with the aging Baby Boomer population, it’s certainly worth a try.

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