Why is PRP being used by athletes?

The use of regenerative treatments such as PRP and autologous stem cells have revolutionized our approach to athletic injuries and also to tendinopathies involving Boomer athletes.

PRP is an ultraconcentrate of blood that contains a large number of platelets, prpcells packed with growth and healing factors.

PRP ideally is administered using an ultrasound guided needle tenotomy injectingprptoankle-mmiller-13technique.  What this entails is using a small gauge needle to “pepper” the area of tendon damage to induce an acute inflammatory response.  Inflammation is the first step in healing. Inflammation causes the platelets to release their growth factors and initiate the healing of the damaged tendon.  The inflammatory phase lasts roughly about a week.  The healing phase lasts about 3-04 weeks.  The final stage is the reorganization phase where the tendon fibers are organized into a normal fiber pattern.  This can take up to a year.

Nonetheless, the ability to heal tendon damage withour having to resort to surgery is exciting.  In those patients who don’t respond to two PRP treatments, autologous stem cells are indicated.


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